Friday, September 3, 2010

Welcome to 8108

Us kids here at 8108 have some fun quotes. There must be something in the Orlando air or water or something. Here are some highlights thus far:

As we are pulling into the security gate after a midnight waffle house adventure...
"Brooke I dropped it! Your car is on FIRE!!!"-Laura
"Just shut the door, we'll handle it in a minute"-Brooke

"We have like 3 copies of Mean Girls in this apartment"

"I can't believe half my shirt is pink!"-Laura
"What? Did you wash it with something red?"-Amanda
"I guess......"-Laura
Your kids cant be mutated? -Amanda
NOPE. -Laura
Perfecto! - Amanda

"The hurricane just went through" - everyone

"It's like these people walk through the gates and get retarded" - Tabbie

"I have the flip! Hold on, this moment needs to forever be remembered" - Brooke

"I don't have the stamina to check the expiration dates of these cheez-its" - Laura

"If I ever got to sing with Idina Menzel... I would be complete" - Laura
"Would you want a dooopie?" - Amanda
"Maybe with Britney"- Laura

"We're all gay men." - Brooke

"Probably Tabbie." - Laura
"...Do you just like saying her name?" - Sam
"... yes." - Laura

"I love brown rice. I need to put not-high wasted pants on." - Amanda

"Whoever guesses the sounds wins!" - Sam
"the beach, seagulls and rain." - Amanda
"Good hearing Amanda!!!" - Sam

"Yeah, me too! He kicked me with his hand!" - Laura

"Do you think it's going to be crowded cause it's Memorial Day?" - Laura

"Do you even go here?" -everyone

"It's whatever." - Laura and Sam

Tonight we had a lot of quotes. None of us remember. It's really sad. (September 6th, 2010) Sad day.

"I need a muzzle." - Laura

"There's like a castle... and a dragon..." - Laura

"Who needs acid when you have trippy illusion" - Brooke

"Are you from Russia?" -random creeper in walmart
"no...." -sam
"are you from washington?"
"no... Massachusetts"
"can i have your number?"-creeper
"my boyfriend wouldn't like that"
"we can just be friends!"

the grocery fairy...